Regulatory Onslaught Update

Section 111(d) (i.e. The Electricity Cost Increase Plan) Mississippi’s U.S. Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker announced their plans to co-sponsor legislation designed to put a stop to the proposed ...

The 24-Year-Old with the 140K Salary

On January 7, 2015, the Wall Street Journal ran a story highlighting Justin Friend, a 24-year-old welder in Texas. The below is written by Meredith Gunn of the Mississippi Energy ...

Get on the Grid and Get a Career

MEI has recently launch a web-based resource, branded Get on the Grid, to promote awareness of technical and professional careers in energy and advanced manufacturing. If your company or organization is ...

Opportunities for Energy Growth in Mississippi

How Can MS Leverage Natural Gas Strengths for Industrial Growth?

MEI partnered with ANGA to identify specific growth opportunities related to Mississippi’s ...

Meet Our Leadership

A Message from MEI President Patrick Sullivan Energy is the lifeblood of ...

Energy and Manufacturing Sector Workforce Awareness

Energy in Mississippi is a sector that “punches above its weight” for ...

Get on the Grid Gaining National Attention with Workforce Groups

Boston, MA-based National Fund for Workforce Solutions, a growing national partnership of employers, workers, communities and philanthropy that strengthens local economies by implementing demand-driven strategies that create talent supply chains, advance workers into family-supporting careers, and improve workforce development systems, reported on the launch of Get on the Grid in their monthly newsletter. On June […]

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An Update on Section 111(d)

Mississippi’s U.S. Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker announced their plans to co-sponsor legislation designed to put a stop to the proposed Environmental Protection Agency regulation on carbon dioxide emissions, otherwise known as the Clean Power Plan. Read the full press release here. Also related, a U.S. Court shot down a legal challenge from states […]

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Institute aims to prep new generation for utility work

Published by the Delta Democrat Times on May 8, 2015 Written by: Tom Bassing GREENVILLE — The demand for well-paying jobs in the energy sector is only going to rise, the president of the Mississippi Energy Institute on Thursday told the Rotary Club of Greenville. And the industry-funded institute wants to help prepare a […]

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It Takes A Village

April 7, 2015 Dear Diary, Today I kicked off our Get On The Grid tour.  Basically, this means I go talk to classrooms across the state about Get On The Grid and hear what students think about jobs in energy and advanced manufacturing.  I also do a lot of praising my lucky stars that I […]

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MEI kicks off youth workforce development push in Starkville

The following article was first published by the Starkville Daily News on April 9, 2015. By JAMES CARSKADON Meredith Gunn, director of workforce development for the Mississippi Energy Institute, was back “in the middle school mindset” Wednesday morning as she spoke to students in Hannah Rachel Smith’s 8th grade English class at Armstrong Middle School. […]

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Deepwater Horizon Anniversary – A Message You Probably Won’t See Elsewhere

Next week marks the fifth anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon Incident. Most important to remember are the 11 lives lost in the accident and the many lives impacted along the Gulf Coast. Concerns remain as reasonable parties disagree about the residual impacts and value of damages to the affected states, entities and individuals. All of […]

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MEI Comments on EPA’s Proposal to Lower the NAAQS Ozone Standard

The Mississippi Energy Institute urges EPA to maintain the current NAAQS Ozone Standard. Lowering the standard would unnecessarily impose economic sanctions on Mississippi while air models are known to be showing continued, steady improvement in ozone levels. Further, while major progress in ozone reductions has already been made over the past several decades due to […]

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Kids These Days…

Let me start by saying that never in my 25 years did I expect to utter those words before the age of 85. I have grand plans of being a cool old lady; referring to people under 18 as “those kids” screams, “Get off my lawn!” not, “Here’s an extra $20 for gas.” But I […]

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Senator Wicker Lambastes Proposed EPA Regs in Senate Hearing

The Mississippi Energy Institute analyzed the EPA’s proposed 111(d) rule and commented on the ramifications of the rule in December (Read here). In a recent senate hearing, Senator Roger Wicker presented an impressive rebuttal to the proposal while referencing the Institute’s analysis saying rule implementation could cost the state an estimated $14.2 billion. See Senator […]

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Cost Impact Analysis of EPA’s 111(d)

MS Energy Institute Cost Impact Analysis of EPA 111(d) Proposal EPA recently proposed to require that states enact programs to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants. Mississippi Energy Institute (MEI) estimates minimum incremental capital costs associated with the proposal at $14.2 billion for Mississippi.  In other words, Mississippi electric ratepayers would spend an […]

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