EPA’s 111(d) Proposal: What Does It Mean for Mississippi?

MS Energy Institute Cost Impact Analysis of EPA 111(d) Proposal EPA recently proposed to require that states enact programs to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants. Mississippi Energy ...

2014 Governor’s Energy Summit- REGISTER NOW

Click Here to Register Rick Perry, Governor of Texas and 2012 Presidential Candidate, will deliver the keynote address at the 2014 Governor’s Energy Summit October 8th at the Jackson Convention Complex. ...

Mississippi’s Water Advantage

When looking towards Mississippi’s economic future, water supply should be considered a development tool. The life-sustaining resource is vital in energy production, manufacturing, and agriculture, and will always be a ...

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Meet Our Leadership

A Message from MEI President Patrick Sullivan Energy is the lifeblood of ...

Mississippi Energy Jobs: The Facts and Figures

Energy in Mississippi is a sector that “punches above its weight” for ...

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Energy Intensive Manufacturing: The shale revolution has made America the most energy ...

Chevron Celebrates Completion of Premium Base Oil Project

Earlier this month, Chevron celebrated the completion of their Premium Base Oil Project. The company invested $1.4 billion in the local economy, created more than 2,000 construction jobs, and permanently created more than 30 jobs. Completion of this project positions Chevron as the world’s largest producer of premium base oil.

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Mississippi’s Energy and Economic Development Update

Get up to date on all of Mississippi’s energy and economic development news. This month we discuss the latest EPA 111(d) proposal and what it will cost Mississippians. We also provide updates on Kemper County, Chevron, and the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale region. READ IT NOW!

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The Future of Automotive Manufacturing Could be Ideal for Mississippi 

“Automotive manufacturing” often brings to mind gritty black and white images of greasy factory floors and jumpsuits hammering out cars in a Henry-Ford-era assembly line.  And while manufacturing itself still requires a good bit of brains and brawn, the scales have definitely tipped in favor of smart technology and clean workspaces. The Detroit News recently […]

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Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Closing in on Commercialization 

After several years of testing and seeking profitable production solutions, prospects for companies invested heavily in Mississippi’s and Louisiana’s Tuscaloosa Marine Shale seem promising. The summary provided in this article gives a brief overview of the current outlook. Drilling results disclosed last week by Goodrich Petroleum expand the list of prolific and successfully executed wells in the […]

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How the State Fuels Up

Energy, mostly in liquid fuel forms, propels the transportation economy. As with electric power, every family and business depends on transportation fuels daily. Today, more than 5 billion gallons of fuel are used each year in the Mississippi economy. Gasoline  makes up 85% of this total, and diesel – both on-road and off-road – makes […]

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Mississippi’s Power Generation

Mississippi already enjoys significant economic activity rooted in the energy sector and has the assets and resources to realize further economic growth from energy and energy-related technologies. Today, nearly all of the electric power generated in Mississippi is sourced from three fuel sources- natural gas, coal, and nuclear. Similarly, these three fuels account for the […]

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Texas Governor Rick Perry to Deliver Keynote Address at Governor’s Energy Summit in Jackson

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas and 2012 Presidential Candidate, will deliver the keynote address at the 2014 Governor’s Energy Summit October 8th at the Jackson Convention Complex. In its third year, the summit’s goal is to highlight the inextricable relationship between energy and the economy. Energy development has been a major area of focus for […]

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Chevron Base Oil Plant Begins Production

The Pascagoula Refinery, Mississippi’s largest energy asset, announced today the beginning of commercial production of the base oil project, a $1.4 billion addition to the Refinery. The base oil plant will produce about 25,000 barrels per day of lubricant oils that will supply customers in Europe, Latin America, and eastern U.S. For more details, click […]

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Kemper County Plant Prepping for Startup

Mississippi Power’s Kemper County coal plant has entered a phase of equipment testing in anticipation of startup in early 2015. The company has begun hiring permanent employees to run the facility. The plant will use lignite coal indigenous to Mississippi, and its carbon capture technology is groundbreaking for not only the U.S. coal industry but […]

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MS Energy Institute July Newsletter

Our July newsletter contains valuable reading on the state’s workforce development status and also announces our plans for the 2014 Governor’s Energy Summit! Access the newsletter by clicking below and then be sure to sign up for this year’s can’t miss energy event on the registration website link provided in the newsletter! https://t.e2ma.net/message/gk6xe/0v4roc

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