Mississippi Positioning Ideal with New U.S. Energy Advantage

As the U.S. becomes more energy secure, Mississippi is looking to benefit with its greater-than-average percentage of manufacturing jobs and natural gas infrastructure. As we shared at the 2013 Governor’s ...

MEI Highlights Energy-Based Industry Opportunities for Mississippi

David Dismukes, economist with the Acadian Group of Baton Rouge, presented preliminary results from the Mississippi Energy Institute’s work to identify specific industrial opportunities related to the recent boom in ...

Governor’s Energy Summit Draws Over 800 Attendees

With more than 800 lawmakers, business and state leaders in attendance, the Honorable Newt Gingrich, Governor Phil Bryant, energy industry leaders and experts and the state’s research universities’ presidents spoke ...


Meet Our Leadership

A Message from MEI President Patrick Sullivan Energy is the lifeblood of ...

Mississippi Energy Jobs: The Facts and Figures

Energy in Mississippi is a sector that “punches above its weight” for ...

Hot Topics at the Institute

Energy Intensive Manufacturing: The shale revolution has made America the most energy ...

Latest News

An Update on the Pascagoula LNG Terminal

The Sun Herald reports that the Pascagoula LNG terminal is still awaiting federal approval to export to non-FTA countries. It is currently seventh on the queue. Read more here.  

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Oil Boom is in the Making in Southwest Mississippi

The Sun Herald reports on the emerging Tuscaloose Marine Shale in southwest Mississippi. Mississippi Energy Institute President Patrick Sullivan comments that it’s a potential energy boom for the state that calls for cautious optimism. Read more at the Sun Herald. 

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BLS Data Shows Energy/Manufacturing Jobs Growth Far Outpacing Other Sectors, Both in Quantity and Worth

Fact:  Mississippi’s energy and advanced manufacturing sectors need more skilled workers to accommodate future growth, and aggressive economic growth goals require more robust, sector-specific workforce development.   These sectors need a variety of skilled tradesmen such as welders, industrial technicians, machinists, electrical engineering technicians, linemen, utility technicians, and engineers.  For a significant portion of high-demand skills, [...]

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Awareness is First Step to Meeting Workforce Demands

Overall, experts predict that the total US job market will grow by 11% between 2012 and 2022. In comparison, experts project that the energy job market alone will grow by over 16%. However, a lack of awareness of these energy and advanced manufacturing career opportunities could continue to result in a shortage of workers for [...]

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Legislative Scrambler on Energy Features MEI President

The Mississippi Economic Council held a Legislative Scrambler focusing on Energy on Wednesday, March 12 at the Mississippi Museum of Art. Attendees heard from Senator Terry Burton, Chair, Senate Energy Committee, Representative Gary Staples, Vice-Chair, House Energy Committee and Patrick Sullivan, President, Mississippi Energy Institute. Click here to listen to the event sponsored by Cornerstone [...]

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Mississippi Lauded for its Yokohama Workforce Development Incentive

The Wall Street Journal recently lauded Mississippi for its workforce incentive crafted by the Mississippi Development Authority to entice Yokohama to locate a large tire plant in the state. By training local residents in basic manufacturing at the local community college and building a skills center at Yokohama’s new plant, the state ensured that the [...]

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The Energy-Water Nexus

Mississippi is blessed with abundant water resources, something important for a number of industrial applications, specifically energy production. Just how valuable is this natural resource strength? Check out the graphic below.

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MS Energy Institute March Newsletter

This month’s newsletter covers a variety of energy headlines including: the opportunities of enhanced oil recovery in Mississippi, the announcement of biomass production plans in Quitman County, and how the Ukraine crisis will affect the U.S. energy sector. Catch up on the latest energy news today! Click here.

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Enhanced Oil Recovery an Ideal Opportunity for Mississippi

Mississippi Energy Institute President Patrick Sullivan was featured in a WLBT report concerning yesterday’s Symposium on Enhanced Oil Recovery. Sullivan commented that EOR has been a multi-billion dollar business in Mississippi just in the last ten years while also employing hundreds of Mississippians with economic reach beyond in the thousands. See the full report in [...]

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Shale Production Hoping to Spur Economic Growth in Southwest MS

Mississippi has multiple opportunities for energy-based economic development in the near-, mid- and long-term time horizons. A near-term opportunity is the shale oil and gas energy exploration going on in southwest Mississippi, which you can read about at the Clarion Ledger.

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