Energy Policy

An Update on Federal Energy Policy

Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline

In a predictable but alarming move, President Obama is prohibiting construction of the long-debated Keystone Pipeline. While their is no “silver bullet” for U.S. energy policy, constant improvement in energy infrastructure is central to growth-based policy. In oil and natural gas, attention is more often given to production activity, but midstream and downstream assets are equally as important to a long-term, consumer-focused policy. The addition of transportation assets, like Keystone, will only help stabilize the U.S. energy portfolio. Read more here.

Ozone Rule Constantly Called into Questions

H. Sterling Barrett calls into question the EPA’s health reasons for backing the newly proposed Ozone Rule. The rule will place economic sanctions on additional counties across the U.S. with little reason to expect much in the way of benefits. Barrett goes on to say, “EPA should withdraw its proposal to tighten the ozone standard and acknowledge the current standard already protects Americans’ health—with room to spare.” Read his editorial here.

State Leaders in Energy Highlight: Speaker Philip Gunn

Energy in Mississippi

“Energy is a strength for Mississippi, and is an important part of our economy’s future. Through public policy, our goal is to encourage more investment in energy in all of its various forms.”

Key Energy Leaders (2012-2015 term)

Angela Cockerham – Energy Committee, Chairman

Jim Beckett – Public Utilities, Chairman

Jeff Smith – Ways and Means, Chairman

Donnie Bell – Workforce Development, Chairman

Notable Legislative Accomplishments

HB 844 (Smith – 2013) – Eliminated sales tax on energy used in manufacturing, increasing MS’s competitive position in recruitment

HB 841 (Smith – 2013) – Eliminated sales tax on electric power used in CO2-based oil recovery, a key driver in Mississippi oil production

HB 1281 (Cockerham – 2013) – Raised commercial energy efficiency standards for MS, leading southeastern states in adopting the new standard

HB 1698 (Cockerham – 2013) – reduced severance tax on oil from horizontal wells to encourage more industry investment in MS geologic plays.