Energy Technology

Kemper County Plant Prepping for Startup

Courtesy of Mississippi Power Company.

Courtesy of Mississippi Power Company.

Mississippi Power’s Kemper County coal plant has entered a phase of equipment testing in anticipation of startup in early 2015. The company has begun hiring permanent employees to run the facility. The plant will use lignite coal indigenous to Mississippi, and its carbon capture technology is groundbreaking for not only the U.S. coal industry but for the world. With the captured carbon dioxide from the plant going into the growing enhanced oil recovery industry in Mississippi, the byproduct benefits will go to both the electric ratepayers and throughout communities close to oil production areas. Adding a manmade carbon dioxide source to the naturally existing geologic carbon dioxide in the Jackson Dome will bring sustainability to enhanced oil recovery, an industry that has attracted huge investments and created new, good-paying energy jobs for Mississippi.  See more on MS Power story here:

Lance Brown: Sierra Club’s Energy Vision Is Beyond Affordable

Innovation and the ongoing expansion, modernization, and improvements in core infrastructure – like the electric grid, fuel pipelines, ports, railroads, highways and telecommunications – are major reasons the U.S. has seen remarkable economic growth over the past century (even though remarkable economic growth may seem like a distant memory these days). Unfortunately, irrational opposition to major infrastructure projects in the U.S. has become a routine barrier to large infrastructure projects intended to help grow the economy, usually costing significant time and money and hurting our country’s competitiveness. Lance Brown, Executive Director of the Partnership for Affordable Clean Energy, provides his perspective on how and why this plague is affecting an important Mississippi project. Read his opinion here