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“Coastal Communities and the Offshore Energy Economy”

WHEN: General Meeting – 9:00 – 11:30 AM, September 29, 2016

Sponsor Reception – 6:00 – 7:30 PM, September 28, 2016

The 2016 Gulf Coast Energy Summit aims to increase public awareness on the vast economic opportunities associated with offshore energy and energy exporting. With the United States possessing the resources to be the most energy rich country in the world, Coastal residents and community leaders should understand the complete reach of the offshore economy and how it can benefit coastal communities. The Gulf Coast Energy Summit will be a fast-moving program with entertaining, informative speakers.

WHO: Who should attend? Business professionals, elected officials, economic developers, community leaders, educators, and students. The 2016 Gulf Coast Energy Summit is presented by the Consumer Energy Alliance, Mississippi Development Authority, Mississippi Energy Institute, Mississippi Gulf Coast Business Council, and National Ocean Industries Association.

COST: There is no cost to attend.



About me, MEI’s Summer Intern

Hi! My name is Mimi, I am 18 years old, and I just graduated from St. Andrews Episcopal School.  I plan on attending Mississippi State University in the fall of 2016 to study chemical engineering (Hail State!), and I was lucky enough to land an intern opportunity with MEI’s Get on the Grid program before I go back to school. I’ve been at MEI for just over two weeks now and my experience here has really demonstrated to me the importance of energy & manufacturing in Mississippi. I am relatively unfamiliar with any job for my age group that revolves around the energy field, so being able to work for MEI has become an amazing learning opportunity as I begin my adult life.


Having just graduated high school, I am fully aware of the significance of planning out a career path before going to college. As I continue to work with Get on the Grid I keep thinking about how remarkable it is to have a website that creates a career path for you, gives you all the necessary information about said career path, and ensures that you follow through with that path. Get on the Grid MS in combination with the vast amount of energy related jobs available in Mississippi could very well become one the solutions to unemployment on our state.


Now I know what some of you are thinking, why should I care about the intern’s opinion of Get on the Grid? I did just graduate high school, and I am no engineer (yet) nor am I an expert at unemployment solutions. But I am a student, and having just gone through the college selection process I fully understand the importance of career planning. If I had been given a website like Get on the Grid at an earlier age not only would I have developed a more keen understanding of jobs in energy and manufacturing, but I also would have explored more potential college opportunities in the sector.


Basically Get on the Grid not only broadens the horizons of careers for new students, but it also has the potential to give stable jobs to an entire generation of young adults simply by demonstrating the impact of energy related occupations. Because I am a student, a recent high school graduate, and an intern I believe that I am capable of delivering an honest analysis of Get on the Grid because it applies to my age group. Ultimately Get on the Grid is an effective website that needs to be utilized by the young minds of Mississippi, and I could not be more excited to intern for such an impressive program.

‘Keep it in the Ground’: Not the Energy Plan We Need

 MEI Friend and Consumer Energy Alliance President David Holt writes about the absurdity of arguments commonly made today against fossil fuels. As Holt points out our far-reaching dependencies on these energy sources and the quality of life that comes with them, he seeks to warn the public of the dangers of not developing our energy resources. You can read his column here on Real Clear Energy. The bottom line is, policies resulting in less energy decrease high-wage jobs and force everyone to pay more for energy.

National Association of Manufacturers and IHS Release Natural Gas Study

NAM recently released Energizing Manufacturing: Natural Gas and Economic Growth. The report takes a comprehensive look at the U.S. economy, finding enormous benefits from increases in natural gas production and also a continuing need for pipeline and infrastructure expansion as U.S. and world demand for natural gas will increase.

Energy Jobs: Clarion-Ledger Spotlights Entergy MS Lineman

Through the development of Get on the Grid, MEI seeks to raise awareness among students of the wide range of great career opportunities in the energy and manufacturing sectors. Earlier this month, the Clarion-Ledger interviewed a local Entergy employee on his profession. Previously, MEI has highlighted employees from Chevron and Mississippi Power. Click on the companies to see each highlight.

MS EOR/Kemper Power Facility Featured in ‘Scientific American’

MEI recently participated in a DOE-led forum in Washington, D.C. to discuss CO2 related infrastructure as a means to grow the carbon capture and sequestration economy. With strong convictions on each end of the climate change belief spectrum, CO2 management will continue to be a common discussion and policy subject for years to come. Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) currently offers the only economic solution for CO2 sequestration on a large scale, with Mississippi as a leading EOR state. David Biello with Scientific American visited Mississippi to meet with professionals at Tellus, Denbury, and Mississippi Power at their respective facilities. Last month, this article was published.

Epstein on Earth Day

Alex Epstein, author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, writes an Earth Day column aiming to educate readers on things done right. An excerpt:
Nature doesn’t give us a stable, safe climate that we make dangerous. It gives us an ever-changing, dangerous climate that we need to make safe. And the driver behind sturdy buildings, affordable heating and air-conditioning, drought relief and everything else that keeps us safe from climate is cheap, plentiful, reliable energy, overwhelmingly from fossil fuels.

TVA working with Navy on Large Solar Installation

TVA has announced a 53-MW, 400 acre solar project just north of Memphis. Project construction is estimated to cost $100 million. Read more here.

Mississippi State University students on Cutting Edge of Fuel Efficiency

At MSU-CAVS, students are attracting national attention for their innovative work to make a car with superior fuel efficiency. Through time, auto manufacturers have steadily provided consumers more fuel efficient options. Today’s innovation at MSU-CAVS stands to yield solutions for more efficient options in the future. Read more.

Legislature Extends Commercial Building Efficiency Standards

Recognizing a strong energy policy foundation in Mississippi, the Legislature considered only a short list of energy-specific bills. Among the bills passed were HB 906, authored by House Energy Chairman Angela Cockerham, and HB 1139, authored by House Public Utilities Chairman Jim Beckett. Both bills were passed with approval, input and consultation from Senate Energy Chairman Briggs Hopson.
  • HB 906 extends a law passed in 2013 requiring public and commercial buildings be designed and built to an updated standard promoting energy efficiency (ASHRAE 90.1-2010).
  • HB 1139 modernizes an existing regulatory act defining the relationship between member-owned electric power associations and state utility regulators.