An Update on Energy: February’s e-Newsletter

An Energy Update just for you: we cover Senator Roger Wicker’s remarks on the EPA in a recent Senate hearing, how the global oil market is translating to low oil prices and what that means for TMS production in Southwest Mississippi, and what electricity means for world economies. See it all here.

January 2015 e-Newsletter — a Recap of 2014

In our latest newsletter, we recap the major projects we focused on in 2014, including workforce development and chemicals manufacturing. Check it out today!

Merry Christmas from the Mississippi Energy Institute

Merry Christmas from the Mississippi Energy Institute. Our latest newsletter brings you good tidings of Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs and our Workforce Development Initiative. Read it today!

November News

The Mississippi Energy Institute continues to highlight the critical need to promote workforce awareness for energy and advanced manufacturing careers in our latest newsletter. Read what is going nationally with workforce awareness and what we’re doing in Mississippi to address this hot topic.

Mississippi Cracks Top 10 List of Best States to do Business

The business-friendly economic climate promoted by state leaders propels Mississippi into Area Development Magazine’s top ten states to do business in. The Mississippi Legislature is credited with exempting manufacturers from paying a 1.5 percent sales tax on energy. An exerpt from Mississippi’s top 10 listing:

Among the perceived biggest strengths of the state was the overall business environment, where it ranked No. 6. In the subcategory of the overall cost of doing business, Mississippi also tied for No. 6 with Florida.

Consistent with those rankings were other strong showings by Mississippi that spoke to its overall rise in business climate: speed of permitting (No. 5), most favorable regulatory environment (No. 6), and competitive utility rates (tied for No. 5). Mississippi also placed No. 3 in competitive labor costs and No. 5 for labor climate among right-to-work states.

The Mississippi legislature also took a major step toward creating a more sound business tax base last year by exempting manufacturers form paying a 1.5 percent sales tax on energy. Otherwise there would be tax pyramiding, or the compounding of the tax burden as products make their way through the chain of production. The reform was “a small, but important, step in the right direction,” said Scott Drenkard, of the Tax Foundation.

This rising status has been reflected in more wins for Mississippi in targeted areas including automotive and aerospace. Tokyo-based Yokohama Tire plans to locate a commercial truck tire plant in West Point, Miss., creating 500 new jobs and potentially up to 2,000 jobs. And France-based Eurocopter is expanding its plant in Columbus, Miss., to serve as a final helicopter assembly and test site.

The state also is a major center for oil and gas investment as the fracking economy booms, with more than 13,000 miles of pipelines supporting Mississippi’s important role.


Did You Know? 

Energy-based manufacturing wages in Mississippi are higher than the average manufacturing wage.  In 2012, the average energy-based manufacturing wage was 1.55 times that of the average manufacturing wage.  Because of more demand due to the natural gas revolution, energy-based manufacturing wages have grown recently at an average annual rate of 5.2 percent (compared to the manufacturing average of 4.2 percent)

MS Energy Institute July Newsletter

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MEI June Newsletter

Our June newsletter catches you up on all the latest energy news. We fill you in on what the Obama Administration’s proposed CO2 emissions regulations mean for Mississippi and what major announcements were made by Nissan, Entergy, and TVA this month. Read it today!

MS Energy Institute March Newsletter

This month’s newsletter covers a variety of energy headlines including: the opportunities of enhanced oil recovery in Mississippi, the announcement of biomass production plans in Quitman County, and how the Ukraine crisis will affect the U.S. energy sector. Catch up on the latest energy news today! Click here.

MS Energy Institute February Newsletter

In this month’s edition we touch on a variety of topics ranging from state energy legislation, regional news regarding energy efficiency, national news of nuclear fusion power, and global news concerning Germany’s energy woes and how they’re a lesson to the rest of the world. Read these stories and more here.

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