Energy Intensive Manufacturing: The shale revolution has made America the most energy rich country in the world, when counting all domestic energy sources. Because of this advantage, energy intensive manufacturers worldwide looking to expand are looking in the U.S. and some are reshoring in the U.S. after stints overseas. With the myriad of interstate natural gas pipelines and robust electric power generation and transmission, Mississippi is uniquely positioned for manufacturing expansion. A reliable supply of energy is a critically important requirement for long-term investments, so how does Mississippi leverage its energy supply to attract industry? Related News:

Energy Workforce: Energy related jobs in Mississippi pay about twice the private sector average. While the national economy is sluggish, one of the bright spots is energy, and Mississippi has a good reputation as a place for energy investment. To keep up with workforce demand in an ever-changing and more technology-oriented energy sector, special attention to workforce development in the energy sector makes sense considering the high wages in this industry. If Mississippi’s goal is to expand its energy sector, including energy-consuming manufacturing, an adequate workforce pipeline system is required. Related News:

Nuclear Power Industry: In the early 1980’s, the federal government rightfully adopted a policy to establish a consolidated storage and management system for nuclear fuel used in nuclear power plants. Thirty years later, very little progress has been made. To position itself as a nuclear energy industry leader, Mississippi communities should consider the economic opportunities associated with consolidated fuel storage. Technology options today and on the horizon include fuel reprocessing, small modular reactors, and fast reactors or other advanced reactors. Wherever the location, consolidated fuel storage could attract tremendous investment and nuclear industry activity (i.e.high-paying jobs) and is worth serious consideration as a major economic development initiative. Related Commentary:

Research and Development: While the four Mississippi research universities perform well in various energy related research fields, Mississippi as a whole has had very little private R and D or technology commercialization in energy. For sustainable economic growth, innovation is required, and if Mississippi can stake a reputation in technology development over time, a long-lasting economic impact will be the result. Related News: