Over the past several decades, Mississippi has been home to very little private R&D and technology commercialization activity in the state’s energy sector.  While many major corporations have branch operations and a presence in the state, no major corporations (Fortune 500) are headquartered in MS, which may explain, in part, the lack of private R and D investment in the state.  Therefore, the role of Mississippi’s research universities as innovation engines is critically important.  With the passage of HB 826, the state recently took an important step to both attract private R and D capital and encourage more public/private research activity at the four research universities – Mississippi State University, University of Mississippi, Jackson State University, and University of Southern Mississippi.

Under the new law, a corporation collaborating with a state university for research and development purposes, including energy-related research, is eligible for a 25 percent rebate of the total research costs. Hopefully, this incentive will encourage companies to tap into the of energy related expertise and resources available within Mississippi’s research institutions.