Five years ago, no one would have guessed the U.S. would be talking about exporting energy, but today, LNG exporting is an extremely hot topic in U.S. energy policy and something our state should heed much attention to.

The topic has spawned a national debate over whether or not the country should export energy to grow the energy economy at home or to limit exports to build U.S. manufacturing. As the Wall Street Journal wrote this past weekend,

Opponents argue that the natural-gas market is historically too volatile and that exports will contribute to higher domestic prices, harming U.S. consumers and crucial industries such as chemical manufacturing.

Exports to FTA countries, like Mexico and Canada, are approved, but the U.S. Department of Energy is considering 19 applications for facilities to export to non-FTA countries, like Japan and China. For Mississippi, with an import terminal in Pascagoula, the question is will the state play a role in the energy export economy or not?

The Mississippi Energy Institute embraces the export market and views exports as a way to grow the energy economy and believes that the state’s strong pipeline infrastructure (which you can see below) should be utilized.

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Pipeline Map