Because of technology and not policy, the U.S. is experiencing an energy renaissance with the potential to make the long-fabled energy independence a reality. While all is well and good in the abundance of energy resources, one resource that is continuously a growing source of concern and tension is water.

Water will soon become a heavily valued asset as populations and industrial demands continue to increase. Most energy production requires substantial amounts of fresh water, and although energy efficiency and water conservation practices have improved significantly, the economy will demand more energy for growth and this demand will require more access to water resources.

Water quantity challenges, especially in the western U.S., as well as in parts of the Southeast, is a problem that is growing with population and industrial demands. Consequently, water availability is becoming a major consideration for energy projects in certain regions.

Mississippi is blessed with abundant water resources, but Mississippi leaders and developers should understand both Mississippi’s water-related challenges and advantages for industrial recruitment. Water should be another selling point for industrial growth. Expect to hear more and more about water quantity concerns in other places in the near future.

In the meantime, read more about the energy-water nexus at Energy Insider, where they discuss how vital water resources are in shale formation areas here.