After several years of testing and seeking profitable production solutions, prospects for companies invested heavily in Mississippi’s and Louisiana’s Tuscaloosa Marine Shale seem promising. The summary provided in this article gives a brief overview of the current outlook.

Drilling results disclosed last week by Goodrich Petroleum expand the list of prolific and successfully executed wells in the TMS.
Goodrich’s comments regarding the play’s consistent matrix productivity are particularly encouraging.
The TMS is steps away from becoming a proven commercial play.
Progress on the execution front continues to be gradual and not without “bumps in the road.”.
However, execution consistency and drilling economics should improve substantially once development phase is reached.


Related: The Pike County Economic Development District is planning a jobs fair in at least five locations in anticipation of the oilfield jobs stemming from the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale explorations.
Organizers want to hold the first event in November at the Martin Luther King Center in McComb. Other tentative locations are in Liberty, Centreville, Woodville and at Southwest Mississippi Community College.

Did You Know? 

According to the consulting and forecasting firm IHS Global Insight, shale development has supported more than 2 million American jobs and generated $75 billion in federal and state tax revenues. By 2020, IHS estimates, total jobs linked to shale will grow to 3.3 million, with a total impact on U.S. gross domestic product of nearly half a trillion dollars.