Section 111(d) (i.e. The Electricity Cost Increase Plan)

Mississippi’s U.S. Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker announced their plans to co-sponsor legislation designed to put a stop to the proposed Environmental Protection Agency regulation on carbon dioxide emissions, otherwise known as the Clean Power Plan. Read the full press release here.

Also related, a U.S. Court shot down a legal challenge from states asking the Court to stop the proposed rule. The Court told the rule’s opponents a challenge was premature until a final rule is in place. What this means is states and agencies, like MDEQ, will necessarily allocate time and money to prepare implementation of an economically devastating program. Read at more USA Today here.

U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce Says 111(d) Rule Will Hurt Minorities U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce President & CEO and former MEI Governor’s Energy Summit speaker, Harry Alford, shared his thoughts on how the Clean Power Plan will hurt America’s minority families and businesses. Read his thoughts here.

MEI’s 111(d) Cost Impact Analysis

Ozone (i.e. Economic Sanctions for Counties Rule)

In addition to EPA’s 111(d) scheme, the agency is also on a path to unnecessarily lower ozone standards. The result will likely be economic sanctions on multiple counties in Mississippi. Local officials and economic development professionals should pay equal, careful attention to both. While 111(d) will dramatically drive up electricity rates, the areas not meeting ozone standards will be shackled with a range of economic sanctions.

MEI Comments on Ozone

Waters of the U.S. Rule

The EPA’s proposed waters of the U.S. rule, which would clarify the reach of the Clean Water Act (79 Fed. Reg. 22,188), infringes on the states’ authority to manage their own natural resources and will result in expensive, new regulatory requirements in energy, farming, residential development and other sectors. The American Farm Bureau Federation recently released a detailed analysis of the rule and how much of an overreach this is by the agency.