tatecolorEnergy in Mississippi
“The development of our energy resources plays a crucial role in Mississippi’s economic success. I believe government doesn’t create jobs; Government’s role is to encourage the private sector to create jobs and invest capital. Therefore, public policy should encourage growth and support the broad spectrum of energy development.”


Lt. Gov. Reeves has staunchly opposed the overreach of President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency that would harm Mississippi ratepayers and economic development efforts. In a December 2014 letter to federal officials, he joined Speaker Philip Gunn in opposing the Clean Power Plan.


“Economic growth relies on energy and environmental policy that finds balance. Our country needs an environmental policy that encourages private sector investment everywhere, not one that places states at a competitive disadvantage.” 


Notable Legislative Accomplishments
  • Exempted the sales tax on power used in the manufacturing process.
  • Reduced the severance tax on oil and natural gas produced from horizontally drilled wells.
  • Updated the Energy Revolving Loan Fund, which allows the fund to be used for construction costs of energy infrastructure associated with development projects.