A new analysis of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan conducted by NERA Economic Consulting details potential energy and consumer impacts of the CPP nationwide and in each state. The study and supporting materials are available here. Below are some highlights:

Ø Double-digit (10% or greater) average electricity price increases are projected in 40 states under at least one of the scenarios.
Ø Twenty-eight (28) states could see peak-year electricity price increases of at least 20%.
Ø Compliance costs total $220 billion to $292 billion over the 12- year period NERA modeled.
Ø Annual compliance costs average $29 billion to $39 billion.
Ø Consumers spend nearly $300 billion to cut electricity use.
Ø As many as 47,000 additional MW of coal capacity will retire.
Ø Households will have $64 billion to $79 billion less to spend.