Energy in Mississippi is a sector that “punches above its weight” for Mississippi.

  • Jobs in energy and energy-related subsectors of the Mississippi economy paid an average salary of $63,456 in 2010, a figure 89.3% higher than the average private sector wage of $33,524.
  • The energy sector accounted for 22,035 direct private sector jobs in Mississippi, or 2.6% of the private sector workforce.
  • 74% of the state’s energy work force is in electric power transmission and distribution and in resource development and extraction.
  • While national energy sector employment has declined 4% from 2001-2012, Mississippi’s energy workforce has grown by 3%, with most of the growth attributed to jobs related to power transmission and distribution and oil extraction and refining.
  • Total private sector employment experienced a -5.8% change from 2001-2010, while the total energy cluster experienced a 2.9% increase during the same time period in Mississippi.
  • Topping the list of highest average Mississippi wages in 2010 was refineries with $100,870, followed by power generation with $91,962, Management of Companies and Enterprises with $70,636 and Extraction/Resource Development with $67,337.