Hi! My name is Mimi, I am 18 years old, and I just graduated from St. Andrews Episcopal School.  I plan on attending Mississippi State University in the fall of 2016 to study chemical engineering (Hail State!), and I was lucky enough to land an intern opportunity with MEI’s Get on the Grid program before I go back to school. I’ve been at MEI for just over two weeks now and my experience here has really demonstrated to me the importance of energy & manufacturing in Mississippi. I am relatively unfamiliar with any job for my age group that revolves around the energy field, so being able to work for MEI has become an amazing learning opportunity as I begin my adult life.


Having just graduated high school, I am fully aware of the significance of planning out a career path before going to college. As I continue to work with Get on the Grid I keep thinking about how remarkable it is to have a website that creates a career path for you, gives you all the necessary information about said career path, and ensures that you follow through with that path. Get on the Grid MS in combination with the vast amount of energy related jobs available in Mississippi could very well become one the solutions to unemployment on our state.


Now I know what some of you are thinking, why should I care about the intern’s opinion of Get on the Grid? I did just graduate high school, and I am no engineer (yet) nor am I an expert at unemployment solutions. But I am a student, and having just gone through the college selection process I fully understand the importance of career planning. If I had been given a website like Get on the Grid at an earlier age not only would I have developed a more keen understanding of jobs in energy and manufacturing, but I also would have explored more potential college opportunities in the sector.


Basically Get on the Grid not only broadens the horizons of careers for new students, but it also has the potential to give stable jobs to an entire generation of young adults simply by demonstrating the impact of energy related occupations. Because I am a student, a recent high school graduate, and an intern I believe that I am capable of delivering an honest analysis of Get on the Grid because it applies to my age group. Ultimately Get on the Grid is an effective website that needs to be utilized by the young minds of Mississippi, and I could not be more excited to intern for such an impressive program.