As discussions in Washington D.C. are focused on closing the skills gap, Mississippi has its own successes to grow on. In partnership with the Governor’s Office, SWIB, MDES, MSU-NSPARC, the MS Dept of Education, and MS Dept of Human Services, the Mississippi Energy Institute completed its 2016-2017 digital advertising campaign recently, garnering over 105,000 visits to Get on the Grid in the process, proving the strategy as an effective way to raise awareness for in-demand careers in manufacturing and energy. On top of those tremendous numbers, the results from our classroom project are in!  A few of the key results:

  • After exposure to Get on the Grid, the number of students who said they would consider a career in advanced manufacturing or energy doubled from 19% to 38%
  • 54 out of every 100 students surveyed said they would come back to Get on the Grid to learn more about the opportunities
  • 55 out of every 100 students surveyed said Get on the Grid improved their opinions about careers in those sectors