Mississippi Energy Institute | Staff

 Patrick Sullivan, President

Patrick Sullivan has served as President of the Mississippi Energy Institute since July 2011.  Started in 2009 by Governor Haley Barbour and originally an initiative of the Mississippi Economic Council, the Institute was created as a permanant entity to assist the state with energy policy and energy based development.

Started in 2009 by Governor Haley Barbour, the Institute has established a comprehensive policy base focused broadly on energy related development.  Beginning in November 2011, a seven-month partnership project with Ohio-based Battelle Memorial Institute will begin a detailed assessment of energy-based development opportunities in Mississippi.

Prior to his work at the Mississippi Energy Policy Institute, Patrick served both as Policy Advisor and as Executive Director of Recovery and Renewal for Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.  Serving as Policy Advisor to the Governor since 2006, he had oversight of issues pertaining to energy, transportation, environment, agriculture, natural resources, and economic development.

In July 2010, he was named Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Recovery and Renewal, which is the primary entity responsible for coordinating disaster assistance.  In the summer of 2010, Patrick managed Mississippi’s multi-agency Deepwater Horizon oil spill response in conjunction with the Federal response.

Patrick also represents Mississippi as the Governor’s Alternate for the Delta Regional Authority, the Appalachian Regional Commission, and the Southern States Energy Board. Patrick graduated from Mississippi State University with a Master of Agribusiness Management in December 2001.

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