State University Conducting Methane Hydrates Research

State University Conducting Methane Hydrates Research

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The Mississippi Energy Institute will highlight one academic institution and the research it is conducting in the energy field each month. This month, we took a look at the University of Mississippi.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal covered the prospects of methane hydrates as a future, significant source of energy. Methane hydrates are molecules of natural gas trapped in an ice-like cage of water moleculas and are abundant under the ocean floor. Did you know the University of Mississippi is active in researching this horizon energy opportunity? The University’s Mississippi Minerals Research Institute (MMRI) has access to the only research reserve in the Gulf of Mexico. This hydrates observatory on the seafloor is located less than 10 miles from the Deepwater Horizon and can provide access to existing hydrates at the surface and in the sub-surface. This access has led to a significant area of research for the University, and as this resource is potentially developed, the University of Mississippi is positioned to be a leader in commercialization.

The MMRI has also recently compiled extensive Mississippi gas and oil data free for use to researchers, geologists, energy companies, and others interested in Mississippi’s energy resources. This information is provided as is, with no guarantees as to its accuracy and validity. The site is designed for use by researchers and companies looking to develop prospects in Mississippi.The well log database is organized by County, Township and Range and allows a user to download the scanned logs in the collection as a single file. Access the logs today at

For more information, contact Greg Easson, Director and Professor of MMRI, at

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